• FAQs

    Will our company have to pay for the machine?

    No, not a dime. Our machines are provided at absolutely NO cost to your business. In fact, not only do we provide the machine, we service and stock it on a regular basis.

    Can our company choose the products that go into the machine?

    Yes – your company can be instrumental in the products that are offered. We believe it is important to provide a good variety of healthy products in order to satisfy everyone. We will initially fill the machine with the most popular healthy products selling in our area. Later, we will meet with you to discuss changes to the selections and your suggestions – and may offer some free product sampling events as well.

    Will we be required to sign a contract?

    We ask that you sign a basic agreement that outlines the relationship between your location and us – just so everyone is comfortable. This contract has no time commitment. It basically states that we will be responsible for keeping the machine stocked and maintained.